Day 6-9 – Working and relaxing in London, United Kingdom

After riding 2500 km through perhaps the most beautiful roads of Alps, visiting Austria, Italy, Switzerland and France, I needed some time to rest and recharge myself to continue my trip around Europe.

I worked some days in London office, which was so exciting again after one year. Besides that I had some time to walk and ride around London which was so exciting experience.

And could eat some so delicious meal around the city. 🙂

The Temple Brew House
Steak & Co

Riding outside of towns and cities are also good, but the big challenge is riding in one of the biggest city of the world. At the beginning it was a bit weird, but I could catch up the heartbeat of the city soon, and it was so good. 🙂

My only concern was about parking in London. In Budapest you can almost park everywhere with your motorcycle, but in London although there are lots of solo motorcycle parking slot all around the city, you can only park for short period of the time. Therefore first I parked in a secure parking place around British Museum, but finally I got permission to park at my office’s parking place. It was Ł32.60 per day for my motorcycle, so finally I really liked the idea to park at our company’s place. 🙂

Wednesday to Friday it was maily about working, but I visited very nice places and restaurants. I prepared myself very much and relaxed a lot, so on Saturday I could leave hotel quite relaxed state.

As I planned my ride to preliminary only to London, but on Friday I called my friend, living in Copenhagen, Denmark, if he could offer accommodation for me in Denmark. He invited me finally, so I simultaneously planned my trip back to Hungary through Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, and finally Hungary. Well, it would have not been a circle, rather a Moon-shape, but after hundreds of motorway of France I wanted to get back to the hills and mountains, because it was much exciting for me.

Later I changed my mind, obviously. 😀

Therefore on Airbnb I reserved and booked all of my accomodation in 4 hours, so I think the only risky part was handled.

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