El Camino Trip 2019 – Planning

Atlas Mountains, I am coming! When I was a child, I wanted to become a cartographer, and that’s why I loved to watch maps about all of the world. Search small islands on oceans, etc. In Hungarian the map is “atlasz”, so it is a must to visit these mountains.

It was so hard to wait until summer to have my new journey. As you could expect from last year, I have so many plans where to go, visit and meet new people, and a new Trip was desired to happen soon.

I just turned into 28, and I was thinking what would be that really interesting and exciting trip where I could relax and could enjoy every single minute of it. By the way, since last summer I have another new hobby, or become fanatic, dancing Kizomba, (Salsa and Bachata). As a result Angola, the place of origin of Kizomba would be a good destination, but getting there through wild Africa is not my preference YET. Yet, but later need to go there as well. 🙂

The only thing what I knew is that I want to do another round trip.

 Although Angola is far away, but Africa is not, and I had already plans to go to Gibraltar. But if I’m there, shall I stop? Nope. I have not been outside of Europe, so this is the time. I planned to go to Spain, then to Africa to Morocco, through Algeria to Tunisia, back to Italian Peninsula and home.

Plan A)

Since my Europe Trip 2018, I have several world tourer friends, and finally it turned out, that I am not eligible to go to Algeria from Morocco because of political situations. What a pity! I would love to get round Mediterranean Sea. 🙂 No problem, re-planning. Africa is for sure, then visit Morocco more deeply. Challenge accepted!

Plan B)
I have 12 days to prepare everything! As I love it, SPONTANEOUSLY!

Holiday: requested and authorized (3.5 weeks) 😀

Dance Festivals Opatija: 13-16 June – everything is managed 😉
Tyre: ordered successfully yesterday: Pirelli Scorpion Trail II enduro street tyre for Yamaha  MT09. 😉
Service: next week full service at Yamaha Top Tatabánya, Hungary with the help of Laszlo Cser. Thx
Flag: #alwaysonroad flag is being designed 😉
Road trip breakdown: under development, don’t hurry, I have 12 days left
Bookings: first 4 days and that’s it 🙂

Let’s begin on 13th June 2019!

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