Day 3 – Finkenberg, Austria – Reschensee, Italy – Lausanne, Switzerland

Perhaps it was too early to got asleep lot afternoon, because in the morning I woke up at 5AM, so I started to prepare and pack my stuff by 6AM, but it was a bit raining, so I waited. Unfortunately it was still raining at 7AM, so I just simply install back everything to my bike, I put on my raincoat and leave around 7:30AM. Unfortunately I could not dring coffee yet, and also had to refill my tank, so spent another 30 mins in Finkenberg. I did not regret, because I met several nice Austrian men who although could speak neither English nor Hungarian, but with signs we had a very funny conversation. πŸ˜€
As it was still raining, I didn’t have no more chance, I had to get into it. I took around an hour to get through, but my raincoat was okay, I didn’t feel either cold or wet, so I was satisfied with it. πŸ™‚
Last night I was talking with my friend, Ferenc PerjΓ©s, the founder of riding tracking application, who was on Saturday around Stelvio Pass, Tyrol, Italy and I was riding around Landeck, Switzerland when I started to think about visit it too. I am on holiday, and on a journey to visit more and more beautiful place, and also it is one the best place for Bend Hunters, so I just turned to Tyrol on my way. πŸ™‚
I passed through the border of Italy and Austria, and felt immediately the culture of Italian people. Thin roads, old houses, small churches everywhere and classic feeling of Godfather era! πŸ˜€
I stopped at the Reschensee, Italy to take some pictures and talk to other bikers. πŸ™‚
( and the newly bought hat )

I was heading to Stelvio Pass, but unfortunately at Val MΓΌstar, Switzerland I didn’t check my GPS, and realized only at Tschierv, Switzerland again, wanted to drive me around mountain of Piz MurtaΓΆl back to Stelvio Pass. I stopped to get some fuel and decided to come back later to Tyrol, Italy this year, because I cannot get around Lake Geneva at 8PM, and also I could not enjoy that much the rest of the road to Lausanne, Switzerland if make another bypasses.
I was not disappointed, because I had already ridden on beautiful serpentines, and arrived to Pass dal Fuorn, Switzerland.
It was a very nice and exciting serpentine, I loved it very much. πŸ˜‰
As I couldn’t buy vignette for toll roads at previous petrol station, I stopped again, but at least I could have lunch around in the afternoon πŸ˜€
Now I enabled toll roads on my GPS and provided me a 5 hours trip to Lausanne, so it was okay for me, around 8-9PM I can successfully arrive at my next accommodation. Agreed and accepted, that now I will need to use motorway, but several years before I had already driven on these roads, knew that they are not boring at all, and drive through nice places, as well.
Entered to Switzerland. πŸ™‚
Then I left petrol station, and arrived to Sagliains, Switzerland where I had to realize that it is a 35 km tunnel where I had to get up to a train through a rain tunnel. Fine, just bought a vignette for motorway, but as the train leaved in 4 mins, I paid additional €30 for the train, and got up to an open wagon. First I was open-minded, took off my helmet, earplugs, and thought it was fine. I was in between two smaller lorry, but they were just looking at me that with a motorcycle I am on this train. Fine, what could happen. πŸ˜€ In the first 3-5 mins it was fine, a light wind was there, but I just had fun. But the train speed up to 100 km/h, so it became very windy and cold. I was afraid to touch my helmet, because if the wind got it, it lost it in the tunnel. Finally I could put ear plugs and helmet on, and finally took a seat. Another 25 mins, a bit cold, dark and massive shocking of the wagon and arrived to Vereinatunnel Klosters, Switzerland. Finally, I remember back as needed to try once, but was enough once in my life with motorbike :’D
[Always on Road – Switzerland – Rain Tunnel]
But the view was beautiful at train station compensated me. πŸ™‚
I drunk some water and got up to the motorway, heading to Lausanne on Road 28.
I stopped at Mols, Switzerland to eat and drink something in the afternoon.
I could only feel that I love Switzerland, it is so beautiful everywhere! πŸ™‚
I stayed here for an hour maximum, because I was so shocked by the view. I had also had some chitchat with other bikers, and leave the area on Road 3.
I knew that there will be some rain around Lake Geneva, therefore I looked WeatherRadar frequently and hoped I will got just a light rain around there. I was just 40 km far from Lausanne, when I saw the first signs of any serios clouds, so I put on my raincoat again while it is 28Β°C, it was so hot, but leather clothes cannot dry in one night, could not risk to get wet.
Finally it looked nice, so I was happy, and I knew that Lausanne is just 15 km far when I get into a tunnel around Chexbres, but I was not prepared what I saw on the other side of the mountain.
There was no signs of anything on the entering side. It was a huge storm, where you can only see for 3 m far from you, so strong winds and the traffic is almost stopped. I turned on indication lights, and like a windscreen wiper, I bypassed all cars, trucks and unknowns objects. Some of them what I couldn’t identify. πŸ˜€
I felt my raincoat is over, the rain is in my jacket, fine, just get through it. Finally I arrived to my destination, get off my bike, but it was not familiar, something was not okay. GPS corrected my original French road-name to another one, and drove me to wrong place. Fine, almost run out of petrol, so just find a petrol station and stopped to find out if go to a hotel next to the petrol station (~€100-150 per night) or try to find real booked accommodation. It was still raining, but not as heavily as before, so I gave another try for it, so corrected to proper address and in 20 mins I get to the house around at 21:30PM.
I took off my stuff, parked under the balcony, and here the host, Mario offered me to use dryer machine for my raincoat. The leather jacket was not so wet, so with a hairdryer in 10 mins I dry it. So finally I was happy, a bit shocked by the experience in the storm, but was okay. πŸ™‚ As I mentioned previously, needed to try once in my life πŸ˜€ Just my relatives do not know! :’D
We managed my clothes to dry, and could have a shower at least.
At that point I got shocked:
Raining is over, and by midnight all cloud disappeared. 😐
At night I talked a lot with my hosts, Mario was very kind and helpful, but I was a bit embarrassed by sitting next to a 150 cm cΓ¦nnΓ¦bis plant. πŸ™‚
Note: I had never tried and don’t want to try it ever, because I am addicted to smoking cigarette, no need any other addiction πŸ˜€
Finally we watched the final match of FIFA World Cup 2018 from record which was contested by France and Croatia. France won so I was so interested in the next day when I will be at France. πŸ™‚
I went to sleep around midnight and felt much better than 2-3 hours before. πŸ™‚

Day 2 – Stiegl, Austria -Finkenberg, Austria

I found Haus Ingeborg a very nice place to have some rest after the first so long day, and I woke up a bit late after the first night. Fortunately there was breakfast included into the accommodation, therefore I could get some delicious rolls and ham before my first day of Bend Hunting. πŸ™‚

I packed everything back to my waterproof bag and into my box, installed them back on my bike which was in safe place for the night. πŸ™‚

I said goodbye and thanked everything to Ingeborg, and started my ride to Innsbruck. I knew that the run planned for second day would not have been planned so long, but I expected much more fun than on the first day. πŸ™‚

I just rode 5 km when I was shocked by the view, immediately stopped and took some picture. πŸ™‚

I got some fuel and started my trip to Grossglockner via beautiful serpentines through.
Fortunately, around the petrol station there was a drugstore, where I could finally buy a Fenistil gel, so my bite could be handled by now. πŸ˜€

Map for second day:
And finally I arrived to Grossglockner glaciers πŸ˜€
It was a bit windy, but not so cold. I loved, it was so beautiful. Unfortunately I did not get down to visit glacier closer, but next time when I don’t have a plan to get to the next point on time, I am going to do it. πŸ˜‰
and the serpentines πŸ˜€
I bought some souvenirs and a hat. I like it, typical Adam stylish. πŸ™‚
I rode sometimes back and forth on the serpentine, and finally left the toll road, heading to Finkenberg, where I had my accommodation at Franz’s house. When I tried to find the house I got lost, because I didn’t look at my GPS at right time, and didn’t turn right once, therefore it calculated a route with 25 km far to turn back. I felt it was not okay, so I checked my route, and finally corrected my ride, so without extra 40 km, I arrived to my place to have some rest.
I applied Chain Lube again, motorcycle was prepared for another run the other day. πŸ™‚
The house was rather a complex of football field, but it was okay for me, just one night. When I get into the flat there was no-one at home, just a huge dog, who I had to hug to let me in. I am serious, it was written for me as details to get into the flat. πŸ˜€ So I did it, and finally he let me in. Unfortunately I arrived early (6PM), so I have a shower and forced myself to sleep as next day it will be a so long run to get to Switzerland. πŸ™‚
Finally I ate my cookies, and got asleep.

Day 1 – Budapest, Hungary – Stiegl, Austria

Leaved my home around 10AM, very late, but I felt as I am on holiday I do not really care when I will arrive to the hotel. Everywhere I asked for late check-in (8PM) which was a good idea as I do not need to hurry to anywhere. πŸ™‚

Before I left behind Budapest, I got into Karasna to buy a rainwear for my boots. Just to be safe πŸ˜‰
Was definitely good idea, needed later πŸ˜€

I knew that the area around Budapest is so boring, therefore I just go up to motorway until GyΕ‘r. It was a really good decision as there was no traffic and I could get there by noon, and continued on M86 until Szombathely. It was not interesting, moreover, so boring, simply I just wanted to get over this part as soon as possible. But it is important to mention, that previously I was so comfortable during riding, so when I felt a bit unfocused or tired, I just simply stopped. Just because of this it was around 2-3 PM when I arrived to the border, which was unacceptable to follow.  As my preferred runs around 500 kms daily, it is not a good approach to stop every 50th kilometers, you have to proceed.

Around Szombathely, Hungary I stopped again, last time in Hungary to get my tank full of fuel, but when I slow down a b*tch bug or spider has bitten me on my shoulder through my leather clothe, my skin burned very much. As well, my Fenistel gel was at home, so I will have to buy somewhere. But this couldn’t keep be back, just reminded me to stuffs left home. πŸ™‚

Just arrived to Austria, saw the first signs of Apls when I realized the reality. When I entered to Austria I liked that the speed limit is different from Hungary. πŸ™‚

Based on my experiences in Croatia, I knew that 100 km/h is more than enough for Bend Hunting on serpentines. So I was so confident. πŸ™‚

However I knew that in Austria the cops are so strict within a residential areas (villages, towns). Unfortunately without any signs a policeman in a private car caught me by overtaking him in 70 km/h area on a road at nowhere, outside of any villages. To be honest I rode faster than the limit, I deserved. πŸ˜€

“I just arrived to the first country, did not have the chance yet to exchange money, nothing, probably rode 15 km abroad. Come on! I will be a so short journey though.” – thought I.

But I was so prejudiced. πŸ™‚ The policeman was very calm and so friendly. He asked my papers, but when I would have had to open my box (2 secs) to provide my ID card, too, he said easily just “No need”. Not the best English I had ever met, but just started a short discussion and when I mentioned I am on the way to London, he was just surprised and finally smiled. I got a fine with €33 (paid with HUF as did not have Euro yet), and I continued my journey. I had enough time to think it over. I kept the speed limits, or where there was traffic just assimilated into it. If you are not outstanding, you will not be caught again. I was right. In many cases if you are not the top rider you will ride much further than always get onto the beginning of the traffic. πŸ˜€

Road to Villach area:
And finally Villach:
I had a hotel at Haus Ingeborg in Stiegl. It was a very nice house, and my impression is that it is like a hotel. πŸ™‚ Definitely will come back later when I will visit the area, it is in beautiful area.
When I arrived I started the general process of preparing my motorcycle for the next day, so Chain Lube was packed out and chain was prolonged. πŸ˜‰ Meanwhile the host came out and welcomed me, and immediately provided me a safe garage to store my motorcycle for the night. I was so happy to keep it safe, so I was not frustrated during night just because of my bike. πŸ™‚
When I went to my private room, Ingeborg just provided me a motorcycle map for best routes around Villach, so I had some stuff to dig into at night. πŸ™‚
I had a shower, and Ingeborg suggested me a really authentic restaurant 5 mins from the place with beautiful view of the village, and the food was also delicious: