Preparation – 1 day before leave :)

Another spontaneous trip of mine, on Friday morning I just felt how goot it would be to eat some Calamari again, therefore I just managed one day off for Monday, and started my trip back to Senj area on the other day. 😀

Calamari (Croatia)

In the evening I was thinking I had already been to Croatia this year, therefore I need something new, visit a new place and get more experiences. I was just watching my map, and decided to go further than before to south. Found! The destination need to be Dubrovnik, Croatia..

At this point I didn’t know anything about this beautiful town on seacoat, and the only thing I knew is that I need to follow the coastline, and once I will get there.

Never mind. The only thing what I had to organize for the other day is the accomodation. As it is aourd 5-10°C in the morning, I am not able to sleep in a tent. 😀

I could successfully manage my rooms via Airbnb, quickly buy insurance online, and went to sleep (allow myself pack all stuff in the morning :-D).