Day 4 – Lausanne, Switzerland – Paris, France

On Monday morning I got up around 8AM, was a bit tired, but could relax and prepare myself for another longer run to get to Paris, France.

Again, packed everything back and left Lausanne, but I had to buy Chain Lube, so I visited a Yamaha Store somewhere around. I saw those models too what I didn’t know if I will ever see in Hungary, like a Yamaha YZF-R1M.
I was successful, got a new one, and got up to the motorway to go to France.
I went through the border at Creux, Switzerland and was so happy as France started with a beautiful serpentine immediately. But after some minutes I became disappointed by Average Speed Camera Zones which was 30 km along the whole serpentine and another 20 km more. The average speed was limited to 70 km/h so along km long strait roads it was so boring and of course there was no petrol station or any restaurant to stop to grab some coffee. In addition, between the mountains the temperature was around 18-21°C, so I was cold, too, and could not shorten time to any better place.
Fine, I got through, but until Vaux-lest-Prés, France I met several Speed Limit Zones, so I decided to continue on motorway, unfortunately. Anyway I knew that will not like France, but it was rather because of old intention when I had been to Paris long time ago.

The weather was beautiful, no clouds, no significant traffic, so could ride without so many problem. 🙂

I grabbed some fuel at Venoy, France and could talk to some French bikers. They were surprised that a Hungarian rider is somewhere around there 😀

The traffic was still okay, but when I approach to Paris, I realized that so many motorbike is on the road, and they are so pushy to other cars on the road, so at the beginning I left them to do what they generally do, riding around cars, trucks with high speed and hoped for no problem. Later I joined to them, but with much higher attention to others on the road, because I would have liked to get home finally. It was okay, but I could not imagine myself riding around Paris for more time. They are so opinionated and violent to others. I was horned at least 10 times because I was careful to others. I let them go or forced them to wait, because I will not assimilate that much. That’s life, did not expect any other from France.
Finally in a huge traffic jam I arrived to Center Paris, and could stop for some rest near Tower Eiffel. 🙂
I saw several nationalities there, especially a Buddhist monk asked if he could take a photo of me. Why not? 🙂
It was interesting, but my old experiences came up when I saw the guys walking around with key rings hanging a mini Tower Eiffel. Not surprising (again!), Hungarians. Who else? €1 for me talking in Hungarian, €2-3 for English speaking tourists. Come on!
Finally got back onto the motorcycle and went to an external district of Paris, to Athis-Mons, France
My accomodation was at Ana and Bens flat. It was so nice, a small flat. I liked them, because we could talk sometime and could congratulate them for winning World Cup. 🙂
Motorcycle prepared, as usual, and as I had to leave on the road, just applied my extra safety chain on my cycle. 😉
Fortunately I had direct visibility to my bike from my private room, so I could regularly check it, but finally it turned out no-one touched my bike during the night. I was too paranoid, just because of my feeling generally of France. Sorry, but I don’t like France, but needed to get through.
I had a shower, grabbed some pizza from around, and finally could go to sleep after a so long trip on motorway. 😉