Day 2 – Stiegl, Austria -Finkenberg, Austria

I found Haus Ingeborg a very nice place to have some rest after the first so long day, and I woke up a bit late after the first night. Fortunately there was breakfast included into the accommodation, therefore I could get some delicious rolls and ham before my first day of Bend Hunting. 🙂

I packed everything back to my waterproof bag and into my box, installed them back on my bike which was in safe place for the night. 🙂

I said goodbye and thanked everything to Ingeborg, and started my ride to Innsbruck. I knew that the run planned for second day would not have been planned so long, but I expected much more fun than on the first day. 🙂

I just rode 5 km when I was shocked by the view, immediately stopped and took some picture. 🙂

I got some fuel and started my trip to Grossglockner via beautiful serpentines through.
Fortunately, around the petrol station there was a drugstore, where I could finally buy a Fenistil gel, so my bite could be handled by now. 😀

Map for second day:
And finally I arrived to Grossglockner glaciers 😀
It was a bit windy, but not so cold. I loved, it was so beautiful. Unfortunately I did not get down to visit glacier closer, but next time when I don’t have a plan to get to the next point on time, I am going to do it. 😉
and the serpentines 😀
I bought some souvenirs and a hat. I like it, typical Adam stylish. 🙂
I rode sometimes back and forth on the serpentine, and finally left the toll road, heading to Finkenberg, where I had my accommodation at Franz’s house. When I tried to find the house I got lost, because I didn’t look at my GPS at right time, and didn’t turn right once, therefore it calculated a route with 25 km far to turn back. I felt it was not okay, so I checked my route, and finally corrected my ride, so without extra 40 km, I arrived to my place to have some rest.
I applied Chain Lube again, motorcycle was prepared for another run the other day. 🙂
The house was rather a complex of football field, but it was okay for me, just one night. When I get into the flat there was no-one at home, just a huge dog, who I had to hug to let me in. I am serious, it was written for me as details to get into the flat. 😀 So I did it, and finally he let me in. Unfortunately I arrived early (6PM), so I have a shower and forced myself to sleep as next day it will be a so long run to get to Switzerland. 🙂
Finally I ate my cookies, and got asleep.