Day 1 – Budapest, Hungary – Otocac, Croatia

As you may have expected, I was late in the morning, but who cares, I am on holiday. I packed slowly everything into my drybag and into the rear box, and just left home as on any other day – say hello to the neighbors, looking at running people to the bus, but I am heading to somewhere else. πŸ˜€

I got on my MT09 and got on the motorway to reduce the time to get to Croatia.
As usual, this is not exciting at all, just we need to get through Hungary as soon as possible.
Now I am more experienced, my papers and credit card are prepared to be checked or used, so the border check was quick, and I could easily start my drive in Croatia. I get down from the motorway to see the Croatian countryside, and obviously have lunch immediately. 

I arrived to Zagreb, Croatia around 5PM, and it was enough from motorway, already 350 km, therefore I just used my brand new TomTop Rider 500 to drive me to Otocac, Croatia where my Airbnb room is. It asked my how much elevation change and sinuous road I would like. Give me all you can provide.
Oh, oh.
I always used my Waze on phone for GPS, which is brilliant for most cases, but if it’s raining, using it is a pain. Waze is smart enough to suggest mostly used roads to ride, while TomTom GPS give you a single plan using all existing road. And here is the problem. TomTom engineers has different opinion about unpaved roads, than me and Waze. I disabled unpaved road, but if the road is already not asphalted, then is it unpaved or not? Never mind. The environment, the fields were beautiful, although I could not drive as fast as TomTom expected. After 1.5 hour riding on unknown roads i felt that it is getting colder by sunset, and I didn’t get closer to my host as I expected, therefore I put on my raincoat (not to become frozen) and got back to motorway.
It was dropped from 18 degree to 5 degree in 3 hours, come on! Noone and nothing can help you on a naked bike without any windshield around 5 degree, and you still have 30 km. That was my worst 30 km ever I rode, when I bought my first own Aprilia RS125 on New Years Eve 2015, it was much warmer. 

I arrived to the host at 9PM, but first I couldn’t find anyone there, so I was shocked. I called them, and finally they came ove4vto the house which is a separate house with 4 apartments. How lovely host, they have already prepared me a plate of delicious welcome meal (bacon, local sausage, local cheese, etc.).
The whole house was mine, awesome, I know where to come with my friends later, top host, top house.

Day 14 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Billung, Denmark – Trittau, Germany

As we had an adhoc small party last night, I was so tired in the morning. But I was motivated, and relaxed, and recharged myself for a new trip back to Germany. πŸ™‚

I prepared my bag and box, and I had help by Bence who brought me down my bag to the motorcycle. We discussed that soon, when he will be in Budapest, we will continue and I said goodbye for him. He went to work, and I started my trip first to the center of Copenhagen. Two years ago I loved Copenhagen, Denmark very much, it is so authentic, and so friendly city. A place where I would really live in the future.

I rode through the city, and wanted to see the harbor again, it was so nice as I could remember from my previous journey.

I visited Freetown Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark again. As I was afraid of the safety of my motorcycle there, I just stopped for a short time, look around again, but I was not allowed to take a picture there. Moreover, I put my GoPro into my box, just to prevent all issues with the visitors there. πŸ˜€

Later I continued my trip to the dock area, where I stopped to take some photo, and continued my ride to Germany.

On the way back to Funen Island from Zealand Island, I put back my camera, because I wanted the record the route on the bridge.

In addition, when I was riding to Copenhagen, Denmark two days before I saw a table about Wiking Museum, then I saw a huge advertisement about Panzer Museum. I couldn’t skip it, never ever.

I changed my ride to Panzermuseum  East in Slagelse, Denmark. πŸ™‚ This museum is mainly about the military units of the Soviet are after the World War 2.

Some days ago one of my friend was joking about visiting LegoLand. Quite easily I got back to the peninsula of Denmark, where I turned to north just to visit LegoLand in Billund, Denmark.

It was so nice, although I didn’t spent to much time there, but lots of (crying) kids and bright-eyed adults from around the world. πŸ™‚

I continued my trip back to Trittau, Germany

It was not so interesting on the way back, unfortunately. However I was riding around when I had to stop, because although in Denmark everywhere the weather was so nice, on the continent it was terrible. At least around Hamburg, Germany it was raining, and there was so many lightning and dark clouds in front of me. Although it was not the best decision, but on the emergency lane I stopped and put on my raincoat, just to be safe. It was a good decision, because 5 mins later I was riding in a very heavy rain for 30-40 mins. I turned on my emergency lights and went as there wouldn’t  have been any difference. πŸ˜€

I arrived to the house of Susanne in Trittau around 6PM, where I could have some rest and walk around the village. It was so nice, and ate some Italian meal again. πŸ˜€

In Denmark unfortunately I got another addiction, which was the Lost in space on Netflix, so I watched all night long. Perhaps it was not the best decision, but it was so entertaining, so I just simpy watched from episode to episode. πŸ˜€

Maybe around 2-3AM I got asleep. πŸ˜€

Day 12 – Trittau, Germany – Copenhagen, Denmark

On Monday morning I was so relaxed and ready for my next run finally to Denmark.

I had so much time, so I had a shower again, easily packed my bag and box, prepared my motorbike for my next ride, and finally I had some time to drink a coffee with my host, We talked a bit, and around 9AM I could start my journey to Copenhagen, Denmark.

I went up to the motorway to shorten my ride to get to Danish area. I think I rode though one of the most beautiful view of the landscape from a bridge near Borgstedt, Germany. Unfortunately I could not take a picture  as it was a motorway, but somehow later I will, somehow. πŸ™‚ It was so nice. πŸ™‚

Unfortunately near Borgstedt, Germany there was a rain, so I had to stop at the first parking area to put on my raincoat while it was around 28Β°C. But finally even I was in an oven, it was much better when it started to rain. In 40 mins I could also get off the raincoat as I rode through the rainy area. πŸ™‚

I arrived to Denmark, especially the area of Hammelev, Denmark when I thought the motorway was enough, I wanted to see the buildings and people there, so came down from motorway, and started my journey on simple roads. It was so beautiful, but as I decided to avoid motorway, the GPS immediately routed me back to Finshav, Denmark which would have been additional 2 hours trip, and I would have arrived to the same place just on a bypass road.

Therefore after 20-30 mins I turned back, and continued my way on motorway to Funen Island  (middle one) via Little Belt Bridge to Jutland Island. The view from the bridge was phenomenal, so nice to see seas everywhere.

I arrived to Funen Island where I stopped for a bit for refreshments. πŸ™‚ There was some clouds so I had to check what is happening here. Nothing, just all clouds from Norway went to Central Europe, but it didn’t give any rain to Funen Island. πŸ˜€ I was afraid a bit to smoke because of the dry weather, but I could find an area where it was safe, so I let it go. πŸ˜€

Quite soon I continued my road to Copenhagen, Denmark, but on the motorway I just saw a table with Wiking Museum advertisement in 10 km what I couldn’t skip. πŸ˜€
Anyway I decided to ride on all bigger islands, so the time just arrived to leave motorway. The roads were in so good condition, long roads through hills filled with wheat. πŸ™‚
Finally I arrived to Wiking Museum at Ladby, Denmark. I could see an original Wiking Ship, Ladby Ship, from 9th-10th century. It was interesting. πŸ™‚
And anyway the landscape was also so nice. πŸ™‚
I got some raven feathers from the curator as the symbol of the Wiking warriors here in Denmark.
It was nice and I could have some rest so I went back to the motorway and was really looking forward for the Great Belt Bridge which is one of the most beautiful and third longest suspension  bridge of the world, the first outside of Asia. πŸ˜€
Oh it was so amazing. πŸ™‚
I arrived to Zealand Island where I paid the toll for the bridge (125 DK) and it was just one hour to get to Copenhagen, Denmark.
I didn’t want to waste so much time on the main island, so without any stop I just rode to the flat of my friend in Copenhagen, Denmark. We hadn’t met for 1.5 years and I could only stay for two nights so, I didn’t have so much time. But I will, when I will be on the way back to Trittau, Germany.
Around 7PM I arrived to Amager Vest area of Copenhagen, Denmark, and finally we met with Bence. Awesome. πŸ˜€
We parked my bike to the cycle park and get into the flat finally. It was so good to put off my leather clothes, it was around 32Β°C all around Denmark. There way no cloud at all, anyway I arrived to the warmest summer in the last 100 years to North Europe, so I was so happy. πŸ˜€
And I was a bit hungry πŸ˜€
Thanks Bence for the suggestion, it was very delicious. πŸ™‚

Day 11 – Guoda, Netherlands – Trittau, Germany

Next morning I was very tired, I felt I had to get used to daily runs again, but had already known what to expect.

I drunk a coffee at the garden what I found only in the morning. Unfortunately I didn’t meet my host, Dafna, but it was still a really friendly place to sleep one night.

I packed everything again, and put back to my bike. As there was no-one at home, I checked two-three times all of my belongings before I closed the door, because I left the key on the ledge next to the kitchen. πŸ™‚

Unfortunately the most important rope was torn which fastenated my bag, so I had to buy one later.

It was around 8AM when I could start my run to Germany, just one stop before Denmark. πŸ˜€

I decided to avoid motorways as I had enough time to get to my accommodation around Hamburg, Germany, so I selected the simple road instead. Although the limit was quite low, I think it was still enjoyable. The view was phenomenal, Hills and plains changing each other, but so wonderful villages. The only thing which made me afraid is the speed bumps. The first time when we met was a bit funny, as if you looked them they are just painted. But no, it is 10-15 cm high anyway, so I jumped a bit first time as I rode with around 50 km/h. πŸ˜€ Anyway it was good, but I slowed down later because I configured its suspensions to strongest, so it was not the best to feel. πŸ˜€ Not a problem, the countryside compensated me. πŸ™‚

I stopped at a petrol station to get my tank full of fuel, and bought a new tension rope for my bag.

The weather was so nice, it was around 26-30Β°C without any cloud. πŸ™‚

I continued, and arrived to Germany. I knew that this area I will love very much. I was right. The roads are in so good condition everywhere.

But there was one thing what I forgot. Just to look at my GPS. I ran into a Speed Camera outside of any town, but I rode faster than the limit (around 120 km/h at 100 km/h limit), so a picture was taken while I was riding. (I am still waiting for the fine, we will see.)

As a result, obviously I kept the limit everywhere, but after one hour riding in Germany I felt in a crossroad around Bakum, Germany that I wanted to try the motorway where there is no speed limit.

I stopped to eat something, refresh myself. πŸ™‚

So I went up and rode to Hamburg, Germany on Road 1. It was very interesting, three lanes, but left lane was only used by powerful cars, sometimes by me. πŸ˜€ middle lane for us, riding around 130 km/h, and right lane for especially trucks.

Around 8PM I arrived to Trittau, Germany where I was shocked by the house. It was so beautiful at a beautiful environment. I was so happy, and Susanne welcomed me immediately. I could park in her private garage, and prepared my bike. Again, you know, Chain Lube.

My room was on the upper floor, a huge private room, family photos and books everywhere. The house was full of pictures of the kids, who are now adults with kids. But Susanne was very friendly and lovely.

She suggested me a very good Italian restaurant close to the house, so I ate there. I didn’t regret it, it was very good. πŸ™‚

Around 10PM I got back to the house and could go to sleep. I was not tired at all, but had to have rest before my trip to arrive to my friend in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Day 10 – London, United Kingdom – Dover, United Kingdom – Belgium – Guoda, Netherlands

It was Saturday morning, the next day to continue my trip around Europe. I had a shower, walked for my motorbike to my office’s parking area, and rode back to the hotel.

I received an SMS from DFDS that I should have expected high traffic around  the checking so they proposed 90 mins to arrive earlier. So to prevent any problem, I was in a hurry a bit. I packed everything into my bag and box, put it back on my motorbike, and say goodbye for my beatiful hotel.

I leaved the area of London, and immediately felt that I am happy, because I am on the road again.

I stopped just for some minutes at the border of the city to get some petrol, when I was shocked. I received a Danish message from my host in Rotterdam, that she cannot provide me accomodation, just she forgot to update the availability of the room on Airbnb, so instantly I reserved another place, but premilinary I asked confirmation from the host if it was available or not. Fortunately the host replied in 10 mins, so my destination changed from Rotterdam, Netherlands to Guoda, Netherlands, just 10-20 km far from each other. My initial shock had gone, so I could continue my trip to the ferry, without any problem.

I arrived to Dover, where I hoped that I could get up to an earlier ferry, but my original ferry was the only one, and also the traffic was so slow around the checkin, so I felt it was okay, I wait until it’s my turn. In 40 mins I could check in to the ferry, but it was Saturday afternoon, I think it is acceptable. My only problem was to wait in the sunshine another 45 mins for getting onto the ferry. It was so hot, 34Β°C, unbelievable.

But I was not sad, because I could talk to new riders, especially I became friend with Mac Toyoda, who rode from Japan to Europe in 2015 with his bike, and every year he comes back to ride around most beautiful places in Europe. He originally started his trip in Germany this year, rode to Ireland, and at that time he was heading to Norway. I invited him to Hungary, and will be happy to meet him again later on.

I, or we were on the ferry. : )

I ate the same again, some Lasagne, which was failsafe for the rest of my trip today.

We arrived to Calais, France in 90 mins, so I could proceed my trip to Guoda, Netherlands. It was around 18PM when I could get out of the traffic in Calais, France, so I didn’t have other option than go up to the motorway at least for the first part of my trip for today.

I rode to Belgium where I could have some rest, and where I realized and look around. there was only one thing which I didn’t calculated with previously. The time zone change, so I am one hour ahead to London, UK, so I didn’t have another option, than continue my ride on motorway until Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Then I continued my ride on motorway, and without any stop I arrived to the area of Rotterdam, Netherlands. It was one of my favorite place, everywhere awesome buildings and beautiful bridges. πŸ™‚

I turned to Guoda, Netherlands and finally in 30 mins I arrived to my place. Unfortunaly it was around 9:30PM, so I just applied Chain Lube, locked my motorbike to a lamp post on street, and got into the house. There was no-one at home, the key was under the “left” plant. πŸ˜€

It was a very friendly detached house, with 2 floors. Obviously my private room was on the top floor, so it was so good bring my bag and box up there. Not a problem, it was a very lovely place, but the mosquitos what I hated by the way. πŸ˜€ Dafna house

And …. sleep πŸ˜€