Day 17 – Krak贸w, Poland – Poprad, Slovakia – J贸svaf艖, Hungary – Budapest, Hungary

I didn’t get up early, because I wanted to enjoy every second of my trip far from home. 馃檪
I walked a short around the hotel, and packed my bag and box so lazily. 馃檪

I put my bag back to my motorcycle, said goodbye to my room and started my rode to home.
At the beginning to get closer to Zakopane, Poland which is one of the most visited place by Hungarian riders, I went up to the motorway.

The road was very nice and serpent-like. I arrived to Zakopane area and I had to rode within smaller villages where they were repairing the roads, so it was a mass. In additional, even the sky was so clear during my ride here, I saw a so dark could especially above the mountain next to Zakopane, Poland.

I stopped in a Shell petrol station in Zakopane, Poland, where I decided to put on my raincoat, and started my road on the serpentines. Soon I had to be disappointed, the Road Oswalda Balzera was closed due to the raining in the mountain. No way, the best part of the area is not available. I had to do a bypass to get to Road 66, but that’s why I could get off the raincoat immediately. It was so hot, within the raincoat it was around 37掳C without any rain on my way, so I was so happy to take off.

I arrived to the border of Slovakia at a small steam near Lysa Polana, Poland, it was so nice and continued my trip to area of Poprad, Slovakia on Road 66. 馃檪

I was really interested in the roads of Slovakia, because I heard a lot about these roads.

 Long and serpent-like roads through the hills around Low Tatras. 馃檪

Later I was satisfied with the roads in the mountains, especially loved Road 66 after Poprad, Slovakia. It was so exciting. 馃榾

In the afternoon I arrived to the border of Hungary in Aggtelek, Hungary, where I felt to be a weight off my mind as arrived back to Hungary, but as well, I was a bit sad, because I arrived home (country), and to be honest, I would have turned back if I could. 馃榾

Just to continue gathering more and more experiences, I decided to visit J贸svaf艖, Hungary, I was there about 15 years ago. 馃檪 The serpentine was so exciting, I loved it, didn’t remember for this road, but was phenomenal. 馃榾

Later, I started my road to my hometown, to Miskolc, Hungary. I visited my grandparents, and I got confused soon. In my long journey the only confusion was in Swiebodzice, Poland, where a cat walked back and forth on my motorcycle. I was a bit upset. But the first place where I saw that someone touched my motorbike. I got so upset: “nowhere else, but in my hometown”.

I met my grandparents, they were so happy that I visited them. Anyway, I promised I visit them in July, I did it. :’D

Around 6PM I decided to leave Miskolc, Hungary, and went up to the motorway and rode until De谩k Ferenc Square, Budapest, Hungary, which is one of the meeting point for riders in Budapest, Hungary. 馃檪 I met some guys there, drunk an energy drink with them, and chat sometime with each other.

Around 9PM I arrived home, and was so proud that I arrived home from a my first long journey around Europe. I decided to do again in next years, because it was a very good challenge.

Arrived home in Budapest after 17 days

Day 16 – Swiebodzice, Poland – Oswiecim, Poland – Krak贸w, Poland

I got up quite early as I didn’t feel so good at this hostel, perhaps I was too indulged in the past few weeks. Early I packed everything, drunk a coffee and started my run to Krakow, Poland.
Around Posmyk, Poland I decided to check the forest, so I came down from the motorway. I stopped at a carstop, when I met the Google Street View Car. Soon I will be available there. 馃榾

Originally I wanted to ride to Warsaw, Poland, but when I stopped to get some fuel around Myjomice, Poland I checked the weather around there, and it was raining everywhere there.

That’s why I decided to turn south and rode to Oswiecim, Poland. Perhaps you may know it as Auswitz. As I had some relatives died long time ago, I visit every time, and leave some stone on the entrance for paying tribute for their memory.

I continued my trip to Krakow, Poland, but around Katowice, Poland it was raining again, so I stopped to get some fuel and put on my raincoat again.

Finally I arrived to Krakow, Poland, and rode around the city. In March I had been there, so I wanted to check what changed in last few months there. I stopped around Wawel Castle, Krakow, Poland, rode around the city. 馃檪 It was very nice, again. 馃檪

Finally I tried to buy a picture frame for my friend, so I rode around all suvenier shop, but couldn’t find it again. I had to give up, as almost all shop closed, so I decided to visit my last accomodation.

I was so surprised when I arrived. It was a hotel outside of Krakow, Poland. So good place to spend my last night, and also an awesome place to watch one of the biggest full moon eclipse of the century. Although in Hungary it was cloudy, in the area of Krakow, Poland it was so clean, no cloud, warm and nice. 馃檪

I went to a restaurant, and watched the moon eclipse from there. It was interesting, but I was a disappointed as I expected much red moon. 馃榾

Unfortunately from my phone this cannot be seen.
And it was not that red :/
I went back to the hotel around 11PM, and relaxed a lot.