Day 1 – Budapest, Hungary – Stiegl, Austria

Leaved my home around 10AM, very late, but I felt as I am on holiday I do not really care when I will arrive to the hotel. Everywhere I asked for late check-in (8PM) which was a good idea as I do not need to hurry to anywhere. πŸ™‚

Before I left behind Budapest, I got into Karasna to buy a rainwear for my boots. Just to be safe πŸ˜‰
Was definitely good idea, needed later πŸ˜€

I knew that the area around Budapest is so boring, therefore I just go up to motorway until GyΕ‘r. It was a really good decision as there was no traffic and I could get there by noon, and continued on M86 until Szombathely. It was not interesting, moreover, so boring, simply I just wanted to get over this part as soon as possible. But it is important to mention, that previously I was so comfortable during riding, so when I felt a bit unfocused or tired, I just simply stopped. Just because of this it was around 2-3 PM when I arrived to the border, which was unacceptable to follow.  As my preferred runs around 500 kms daily, it is not a good approach to stop every 50th kilometers, you have to proceed.

Around Szombathely, Hungary I stopped again, last time in Hungary to get my tank full of fuel, but when I slow down a b*tch bug or spider has bitten me on my shoulder through my leather clothe, my skin burned very much. As well, my Fenistel gel was at home, so I will have to buy somewhere. But this couldn’t keep be back, just reminded me to stuffs left home. πŸ™‚

Just arrived to Austria, saw the first signs of Apls when I realized the reality. When I entered to Austria I liked that the speed limit is different from Hungary. πŸ™‚

Based on my experiences in Croatia, I knew that 100 km/h is more than enough for Bend Hunting on serpentines. So I was so confident. πŸ™‚

However I knew that in Austria the cops are so strict within a residential areas (villages, towns). Unfortunately without any signs a policeman in a private car caught me by overtaking him in 70 km/h area on a road at nowhere, outside of any villages. To be honest I rode faster than the limit, I deserved. πŸ˜€

“I just arrived to the first country, did not have the chance yet to exchange money, nothing, probably rode 15 km abroad. Come on! I will be a so short journey though.” – thought I.

But I was so prejudiced. πŸ™‚ The policeman was very calm and so friendly. He asked my papers, but when I would have had to open my box (2 secs) to provide my ID card, too, he said easily just “No need”. Not the best English I had ever met, but just started a short discussion and when I mentioned I am on the way to London, he was just surprised and finally smiled. I got a fine with €33 (paid with HUF as did not have Euro yet), and I continued my journey. I had enough time to think it over. I kept the speed limits, or where there was traffic just assimilated into it. If you are not outstanding, you will not be caught again. I was right. In many cases if you are not the top rider you will ride much further than always get onto the beginning of the traffic. πŸ˜€

Road to Villach area:
And finally Villach:
I had a hotel at Haus Ingeborg in Stiegl. It was a very nice house, and my impression is that it is like a hotel. πŸ™‚ Definitely will come back later when I will visit the area, it is in beautiful area.
When I arrived I started the general process of preparing my motorcycle for the next day, so Chain Lube was packed out and chain was prolonged. πŸ˜‰ Meanwhile the host came out and welcomed me, and immediately provided me a safe garage to store my motorcycle for the night. I was so happy to keep it safe, so I was not frustrated during night just because of my bike. πŸ™‚
When I went to my private room, Ingeborg just provided me a motorcycle map for best routes around Villach, so I had some stuff to dig into at night. πŸ™‚
I had a shower, and Ingeborg suggested me a really authentic restaurant 5 mins from the place with beautiful view of the village, and the food was also delicious: