Day 11 – Guoda, Netherlands – Trittau, Germany

Next morning I was very tired, I felt I had to get used to daily runs again, but had already known what to expect.

I drunk a coffee at the garden what I found only in the morning. Unfortunately I didn’t meet my host, Dafna, but it was still a really friendly place to sleep one night.

I packed everything again, and put back to my bike. As there was no-one at home, I checked two-three times all of my belongings before I closed the door, because I left the key on the ledge next to the kitchen. šŸ™‚

Unfortunately the most important rope was torn which fastenated my bag, so I had to buy one later.

It was around 8AM when I could start my run to Germany, just one stop before Denmark. šŸ˜€

I decided to avoid motorways as I had enough time to get to my accommodation around Hamburg, Germany, so I selected the simple road instead. Although the limit was quite low, I think it was still enjoyable. The view was phenomenal, Hills and plains changing each other, but so wonderful villages. The only thing which made me afraid is the speed bumps. The first time when we met was a bit funny, as if you looked them they are just painted. But no, it is 10-15 cm high anyway, so I jumped a bit first time as I rode with around 50 km/h. šŸ˜€ Anyway it was good, but I slowed down later because I configured its suspensions to strongest, so it was not the best to feel. šŸ˜€ Not a problem, the countryside compensated me. šŸ™‚

I stopped at a petrol station to get my tank full of fuel, and bought a new tension rope for my bag.

The weather was so nice, it was around 26-30Ā°C without any cloud. šŸ™‚

I continued, and arrived to Germany. I knew that this area I will love very much. I was right. The roads are in so good condition everywhere.

But there was one thing what I forgot. Just to look at my GPS. I ran into a Speed Camera outside of any town, but I rode faster than the limit (around 120 km/h at 100 km/h limit), so a picture was taken while I was riding. (I am still waiting for the fine, we will see.)

As a result, obviously I kept the limit everywhere, but after one hour riding in Germany I felt in a crossroad around Bakum, Germany that I wanted to try the motorway where there is no speed limit.

I stopped to eat something, refresh myself. šŸ™‚

So I went up and rode to Hamburg, Germany on Road 1. It was very interesting, three lanes, but left lane was only used by powerful cars, sometimes by me. šŸ˜€ middle lane for us, riding around 130 km/h, and right lane for especially trucks.

Around 8PM I arrived to Trittau, Germany where I was shocked by the house. It was so beautiful at a beautiful environment. I was so happy, and Susanne welcomed me immediately. I could park in her private garage, and prepared my bike. Again, you know, Chain Lube.

My room was on the upper floor, a huge private room, family photos and books everywhere. The house was full of pictures of the kids, who are now adults with kids. But Susanne was very friendly and lovely.

She suggested me a very good Italian restaurant close to the house, so I ate there. I didn’t regret it, it was very good. šŸ™‚

Around 10PM I got back to the house and could go to sleep. I was not tired at all, but had to have rest before my trip to arrive to my friend in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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