Day 12 – Trittau, Germany – Copenhagen, Denmark

On Monday morning I was so relaxed and ready for my next run finally to Denmark.

I had so much time, so I had a shower again, easily packed my bag and box, prepared my motorbike for my next ride, and finally I had some time to drink a coffee with my host, We talked a bit, and around 9AM I could start my journey to Copenhagen, Denmark.

I went up to the motorway to shorten my ride to get to Danish area. I think I rode though one of the most beautiful view of the landscape from a bridge near Borgstedt, Germany. Unfortunately I could not take a picture  as it was a motorway, but somehow later I will, somehow. 🙂 It was so nice. 🙂

Unfortunately near Borgstedt, Germany there was a rain, so I had to stop at the first parking area to put on my raincoat while it was around 28°C. But finally even I was in an oven, it was much better when it started to rain. In 40 mins I could also get off the raincoat as I rode through the rainy area. 🙂

I arrived to Denmark, especially the area of Hammelev, Denmark when I thought the motorway was enough, I wanted to see the buildings and people there, so came down from motorway, and started my journey on simple roads. It was so beautiful, but as I decided to avoid motorway, the GPS immediately routed me back to Finshav, Denmark which would have been additional 2 hours trip, and I would have arrived to the same place just on a bypass road.

Therefore after 20-30 mins I turned back, and continued my way on motorway to Funen Island  (middle one) via Little Belt Bridge to Jutland Island. The view from the bridge was phenomenal, so nice to see seas everywhere.

I arrived to Funen Island where I stopped for a bit for refreshments. 🙂 There was some clouds so I had to check what is happening here. Nothing, just all clouds from Norway went to Central Europe, but it didn’t give any rain to Funen Island. 😀 I was afraid a bit to smoke because of the dry weather, but I could find an area where it was safe, so I let it go. 😀

Quite soon I continued my road to Copenhagen, Denmark, but on the motorway I just saw a table with Wiking Museum advertisement in 10 km what I couldn’t skip. 😀
Anyway I decided to ride on all bigger islands, so the time just arrived to leave motorway. The roads were in so good condition, long roads through hills filled with wheat. 🙂
Finally I arrived to Wiking Museum at Ladby, Denmark. I could see an original Wiking Ship, Ladby Ship, from 9th-10th century. It was interesting. 🙂
And anyway the landscape was also so nice. 🙂
I got some raven feathers from the curator as the symbol of the Wiking warriors here in Denmark.
It was nice and I could have some rest so I went back to the motorway and was really looking forward for the Great Belt Bridge which is one of the most beautiful and third longest suspension  bridge of the world, the first outside of Asia. 😀
Oh it was so amazing. 🙂
I arrived to Zealand Island where I paid the toll for the bridge (125 DK) and it was just one hour to get to Copenhagen, Denmark.
I didn’t want to waste so much time on the main island, so without any stop I just rode to the flat of my friend in Copenhagen, Denmark. We hadn’t met for 1.5 years and I could only stay for two nights so, I didn’t have so much time. But I will, when I will be on the way back to Trittau, Germany.
Around 7PM I arrived to Amager Vest area of Copenhagen, Denmark, and finally we met with Bence. Awesome. 😀
We parked my bike to the cycle park and get into the flat finally. It was so good to put off my leather clothes, it was around 32°C all around Denmark. There way no cloud at all, anyway I arrived to the warmest summer in the last 100 years to North Europe, so I was so happy. 😀
And I was a bit hungry 😀
Thanks Bence for the suggestion, it was very delicious. 🙂

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